I would like to begin this post with a thank you to Grant McCracken.
Thank you for all the support and mentioning my blog in your fabulous book! My dad bought a copy right away and we were pleased to notice my name was right below Kim Kardashian's in the index. I'm so thankful to have wonderful followers like yourself. My passage from the book was from this post. I usually do not condone potty talk, but in a way, I used it poetically, using the word "poopy" to express my anger in a childlike fashion.

New -
I am the president of my school next year. No. Joke.
It was a breeze up until now - nobody ran against me in the school wide election that was held in June last year, I was vice president one this year, and my friends were on the executive of Student Council with me. But it got a little rocky this past week, and I finally felt a little nervous and somewhat scared about my role next year. There has also been a change in principals this year, so things will be changing, forms will be rearranged, and of course, my friends will be too, since they have to run again to renew their executive spot. However, I'm beginning to look forward to my presidency next year, and I'll give you guys the inside god-only-knows.

I'm writing this post in my pyjamas.

Please excuse the crappy photo, blame Photobooth. Please excuse the dramatic face, I took about 1000000 and decided to go with the "oh whatever lets just go with the next photo i take".
Please don't excuse the Bowie t-shirt I got for $10 ($5, was it?) at a store downtown. I went into the store because of it's name. Cherry Bomb, I kid you not. And let me tell you, when I bought this t-shirt, I was in my Runaway faze.

I saw Moonrise Kingdom, Wes Anderson's most Wes Anderson-y film yet. The girl in it, Suzy (the new Margot Tenenbaum), has literally the best dresses I have ever seen. The film is colourful and vivid, almost animated looking. It was certainly up there with the Royal Tenenbaums... I might have even liked it more, perhaps? Whatever, just go see it. The music will make you come out of the theatre wishing your life had such a soundtrack. But it doesn't. And this makes you sad. But still, watch it. And you're also upset that you don't have time to gather around and listen to a record, spy on people with binoculars or build a tree house on the very top of a tree. Or maybe just run away, period.

Baby picture time!

Vert your eyes! Ignore the nudity.


  1. great post president ruby.

    the picture of you at the piano is one of my all time faves. your dad is such a good photographer!

  2. I'm seeing Moonrise Kingdom tonight!

  3. BALLERINA RUBY! That's freaking adorable.

  4. I am completely in love with your blog, I think it's my new favorite! Love your style and everything!