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Gemstones of the world

I've always adored this childhood artifact, despite the fact that is lacking a Ruby

Well, merry Christmas everyone! I wasn't late, what are you talking about. If anything, I'm fashionably late for my Christmas post. And besides, this way, I can wish everyone a happy New Year. 
It's a win-win. 

For Christmas, I was spoiled. I didn't plan on being spoiled, but I was. And I thank everyone who contributed to this. And the people who didn't contribute, merely ignore my bragging. I have a tendency to boast sometimes, and I must say before I begin, it is unintentional. 
On December 25th, I received the following -
-a Sargent Pepper's (hopefully you all know that I am referring to the Beatles) jigsaw puzzle (perhaps a photo in an upcoming post *hint hint* *nudge nudge*) 
-clothes, including this shirt (and an *awesome* Harvard University shirt from Leora)

-a pretty fancy hairdryer
-writing books <<<<3333 p="p">
-and finally, a Tiger Beat magazine, mostly for its poster aspect (*cough*...One Direction...*cough*) 

I hope you all were all pleased (and beyond) as I was, you guys are the best. 

P.S. I also went to the Paul McCartney concert in November! It was just. I'm unable to even. I started to cry when I found out I was going with my (the best) dad (ever), because I was beginning to realize I had no hope of going, considering it was the night before, and then while I was eating my peas my dad started to hint at it and before I knew it I was chocking and sobbing and as "unable to even"as I was writing the last sentence. We had the so-called worst seats of the house, but I didn't care. Up against the very, very, yes very last wall, a right angle to the stage, I could still see Sir Paul singing such hits as Blackbird and Live And Let Die. Last minute production holds made me believe in miracles, folks. 

Peace and love, happy New Years, pugs not drugs

or monkeys not drugs, which ever floats your boat

Bottom 2 photos found on Google images, credit to owners. If one of them is yours, feel free to email me about removal or whatnot. In fact, send me an email anyways. What is this social interaction you speak of? 


  1. OMG 1D YES
    i want wallpaper with their faces on

  2. OMG the pug and 1D! perf combination