I have tickets to the PNE, and guess what?

JOAN JETT is playing there today, and guess what oily-banged girl gets to see her? ME!!

Is going to go freak out now.

favourite movie

Hint: Wes Anderson.
It's an easy one.



what its all about: nancy and sluggo, zippy pinhead, ghostworld, MAD, B&V, lynda berry, emily the strange, little lit, and tin tin.

Long title,
but nothing to do with what is within. That sounded heartfelt. Nevermind.

ABBA, the greatest picture posers.

I have been in love with this band, since,
a long time ago, like 2, 3, 4, 5, years ago. I have seen Mama Mia! (the play) twice, live, you know, in the theatre, and I have seen the movie, as well. But its not my favourite movie, the play was more desirable, though I fell asleep during both of them, I was young and younglings in my opinion, if tired, don't have the strength to stay awake, even if the songs are exuberant like Dancing Queen and SOS.

Changing topic,

This is me with one of my favourite new outfits, untitled. My hair has been pulled back, as today I am testing out dying my hair red with raspberry Jell-O! I am wearing my mum's (some credit to my mum) redish - orange sweater with flare-type sleeves, and my Ray-Bans, also my blue striped Billabong shorts. The sweater involves my favourite kind of flare sleeves. Aren't they the best. Thank you, Mumma-sita!!
I am wearing my Hello Kitty tights, bare feet.

Sometimes I feel like a monkey when I tell my blog what I'm wearing. It's odd intentionally explaining and going through the outfit I created. I feel like a cheeky monkey!!



P.s. From your cheeky monkey, but not just any monkey.

One of these cheeky monkeys!!

can't tell you (its a secret!!)

My idea has failed, so here is another picture you may like. Just to pass time.

Enjoy 'till next time, ( I promise someething good!)