So. We meet again? You are the famous "New Post" button on my screen, you await and catch me like your my predator. To heck with that, photo time!

This is my favourite picture. One would say it looks but I just like that almost model feeling to it. (Taken by me)

This is me again in a garment that I am most proud of. My striped white and navy sweater from Barcelona, Spain, from a Zara. (Also taken by me)

And this is my mum's favourite. Its not my favourite though. (Taken by me)

All of these were photographed by me. Yesterday was the day I took them. I just developed the passion of taken pictures of me, fashion, objects of just things that amuse me.

Me: Family photo time!


to whom it may concern

Hello Hello.
It's time for the school band practice at school. I play sax. Alto sax. It's fun, but the weight of the thing
kills me and I have to walk to school.


whats the frequency kenneth?

Mwauhhahaaa. I haven't written in a while, but soon you will no why.
Now is soon. Okay, so I have been busy in school and out because I got the H.Ws and the soccer practices and shopping for vintage and playing saxophone and dying my hair red and cutting it short.

I dyed it yesterday and its already fading. Is there something wrong with me?

This is my unicorn 80's pin from a shop on Main Street. I'm thinking on investing in some 60's sun glasses from another shop.
I might as well buy them, but what about my poor Ray-Bans?


Have a nice day.