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stripes and stuff

Finally! An outfit!
The dress underneath the shirt is from H&M. I got it for Christmas.
The shirt is from American Apparel. I love it with all my heart.
Also, in the last picture, you can see a little watch. It's a Harajuku Girls watch that I bought at a thrift store for $7.oo. It's my best friend.
The jeans are also from H&M. They were also $7.00. (On sale racks are fairy godmothers.)
My messy hair is just the way it is. I sometimes straighten my hair, but I'm in a messy mood. The red dye has faded to a red salmon, and I'm desperate or a change. I think this time I'm gonna go for a pink and just dye the tips. I'm gonna get bangs, too. I miss my old hair.
The Ruby Lotus is my favourite blog at the moment. Ruby (other Ruby) is a quirky 14 year old who wears rad lipstick and cool glasses. I've only talked to her a couple of times through online messaging, but she's really nice. Go check out her blog!