surprise wait no

No surprises for today, my besties.
It's been very busy for me these days, and I'm sorry I haven't been writing.
I am going to confide in a musical theatre class...? Interesting??
I really like theatre... and the musical type as well, I like singing, dancing and drama.
Though my dancing isn't swell, I try my hardest. (But no matter how hard I still can't tango)
I feel so uninteresting right now... hmm.
At school I've been trying to balance my regular work and my writing stories part.
It's really hard because we don't have any time to write during class, so I have to leave it in my desk for like 3 days. Other then that, things are pretty good.
Today, I had a sudden realization of a temporary style. I'm going to try to make it look nice, not tacky. (This will only be in clothing, sometimes I already have the attitude covered)
I thought, rather then later, I am now in my goth phase.
I just want to dress goth for like a week and then have the high school goth phase rescheduled to now. Plus, I have a new hairstyle wish.
When my hair grows out a bit, I'm going to dye it pink like this.

(My hair as a wig with the desired pink spots coloured yellow)

Goo Bye!