Lost Wages (pictures in next post)

As you may know, (From me or my witty pun as my post title) I recently went to Las Vegas over Spring Break! I had a blast. Couldn't gamble :( , but still. It was rad. I also got some pretty psychedelic clothes (Pictures to be continued).
I'll tell you what we did.

On Thursday, 1ish, we landed in Vegas.
Fast forward 30 minutes, we find us in The Planet Hollywood (which we will call PH) and in the elevator to the 18th floor. If you don't know, in each PH suite there is memorabilia from different movies. We got the "Doctor Dolittle" suite and we got Doctor Dolittle's pants and shirt that he actually wore in the film. Yay!
Then we attempted the pool.
We rode the elevator down to the 6th floor and went to the pool.

There was 1 hot tub and a large pool, which was ReAlLy cold, but I still went in.
It was fun, fun, fun!

Does everyone know I'm a Beatles fan? A HUGE fan? THE HUGEST HUGEST HUGEST HUGEST HUGEST fan? Well I am. Ask anyone I know.
After a dip in the pool, I saw "The Beatles 'Love' Cirque Du Soleil"!
It was . . . Amazing, the choreography was so pitch perfect and the music was unbelievable.
If that was the only thing we did I would still be satisfied.

2nd day

On the 2nd day,
I woke up and my mum and I went down to StarBucks to get some coffee. A nice little walk.

I love you guys :)