photo time - costume

Guess who??

Yep, Uh huh. I'm Margot Tenenbaum for Halloween, which I maybe mentioned once or twice.
The mink coat was my grandma's (From The Bay) and the collared shirt is from the Front. I've been shopping there a lot.
I couldn't find a dress like that, so I got a plaid skirt (From Gymboree) and some white tights (From Value Village) and as well as cute shoes from the Front. I will post them later.

Happy Halloween,




Today I dressed up in my Margot Tenenbaum costume for school. It was such an obscure character and I had to face many "Who the heck are you?"s and "I'm a witch, what are you?"s.

(p.s. I accidentally followed myself, pathetic, I know, and I am kinda clueless of how to undo it, so now I have 10 followers, lucky me.)

Ruby sorry for all the short posts!


so yeah. im ruby

Hello hello. You know what...? I am really odd right now, and in one of those childish hyper moods. Not physically, though. My camera is out of batteries (Sad Face) and I am really bored. I feel really photo-y right now and yeah. I feel photo-y.
At school we're doing this art project where we make a huge collage full of faces from magazines and then somewhere along the way we post one of OUR pictures so it kinda has that Wheres Waldo-y vibe. Here are some examples of famous people's faces we have on there:
-The Queen (Above her head is like a rabid monkey's face)
-Robert Pattinson (With a dogs tongue on his forehead)
-Joe Jonas
-Nick (or Kevin) Jonas
-Lindsay Lohan
-Angelina Jolie
-Brittany Spears
And Lady Gaga

As well as many models who's name is unknown.

(This is a picture of Madonna that was put on the collage found in my mum's Vogue Magazine):



My Perfect Life

Please excuse the title, as it is a Lynda Barry comic book.

Today was photo day at school. I wore the American Apparel bow and the DIY Miu Miu Collar, as well as a black dress from Mexx and red leggings from H&M.
Well. Sorry for this short post. I have socca!