big dreams gangster

This is only about 9/193809 of the pictures Colette and I take.
I think the FAQ video has been postponed. All the questions I've received are amazing, but I've, for some reason, found it hard to put it onto video form. What is this "camera" you speak of? Where did it come from? Who sent you? The questions will be used in either a future post or video.
I've decided to do a tutorial instead. You'll see. Soon.


dolly dreams

These are Blythe Dolls I found from this shop on Etsy.
I have a new class at school! Grade seven is pretty cool! You get the staircase in the back field, you get the benches at assemblies, and you get grad. ♥ grad. grad. grad. 


black and white - landscapes and style icons

(Some pretty Tumblr landscapes that aren't black and white.)

From very top of post, both Tumblr, the next two are Rene Burri, next two Tumblr, Gashlycrumb Tinies. The last two are photos me and Colette have taken with my dad's camera while we've been away, either it be staying at a cabin near a lake or camping. The first one was taken by me of random bruises. The final one is of me in a ring me and her made on a beach while camping, taken by Colette.


Faye Dunaway (top) and Marianne Faithfull (bottom). THINGS I LOVE: I love Faye Dunaway's beret and Marianne Faithfull's hair. I love Marianne Faithfull's peacoat and how her sleeves peak through, and I love how Faye Dunaway has an almost Margot Tenebaum style--simple and grainy, as in heathered, almost. Her Margot bob also contributes to the candid and honest look.  


outfit gelato

From the COMME des GARCONS site.  

This is me in a over-sized plaid jacket/sweater. It's my new best friend. I'm pretty sure if you asked all my friends "what is the article of clothing that Ruby wheres the most" they would say "this used plaid jacket/sweater" But please don't ask them - that would be waaay creepy, like my smile in this picture.  

A Cheap Monday skull that I hang in my room for no reason. 

Shirt: American Apparel. Skirt: A thrift store in Oregon. Tights: H&M. 
I don't really like this photo, it just doesn't go with the ones above it. But it gets my point across. 

My (dad's) camera is out of batteries, so this photo was taken by my iPod Touch. It really brings out the "Simpson's" mustard in my tights. Up close, they kind of look like a mango gelato. Mmm. 
It's summer! I was so depressed when I heard about the Rookie Road Trip, considering how I live in Canada, and their journey wouldn't cross the boarder. But my mum and I are going to drive to Seattle for their stop... And their will be pictures! And a cool outfit! I hope. Everyone's going to look so fantastic and looking like they don't give a while I sit there looking at everyone's skirts and lacy dresses and bangs while yelping for attention in a Michael Cera fashion. 

In other news, I need more questions for my FAQ video. Remember to email me! ruby.karelia@gmail.com



I would like to begin this post with a thank you to Grant McCracken.
Thank you for all the support and mentioning my blog in your fabulous book! My dad bought a copy right away and we were pleased to notice my name was right below Kim Kardashian's in the index. I'm so thankful to have wonderful followers like yourself. My passage from the book was from this post. I usually do not condone potty talk, but in a way, I used it poetically, using the word "poopy" to express my anger in a childlike fashion.

New -
I am the president of my school next year. No. Joke.
It was a breeze up until now - nobody ran against me in the school wide election that was held in June last year, I was vice president one this year, and my friends were on the executive of Student Council with me. But it got a little rocky this past week, and I finally felt a little nervous and somewhat scared about my role next year. There has also been a change in principals this year, so things will be changing, forms will be rearranged, and of course, my friends will be too, since they have to run again to renew their executive spot. However, I'm beginning to look forward to my presidency next year, and I'll give you guys the inside god-only-knows.

I'm writing this post in my pyjamas.

Please excuse the crappy photo, blame Photobooth. Please excuse the dramatic face, I took about 1000000 and decided to go with the "oh whatever lets just go with the next photo i take".
Please don't excuse the Bowie t-shirt I got for $10 ($5, was it?) at a store downtown. I went into the store because of it's name. Cherry Bomb, I kid you not. And let me tell you, when I bought this t-shirt, I was in my Runaway faze.

I saw Moonrise Kingdom, Wes Anderson's most Wes Anderson-y film yet. The girl in it, Suzy (the new Margot Tenenbaum), has literally the best dresses I have ever seen. The film is colourful and vivid, almost animated looking. It was certainly up there with the Royal Tenenbaums... I might have even liked it more, perhaps? Whatever, just go see it. The music will make you come out of the theatre wishing your life had such a soundtrack. But it doesn't. And this makes you sad. But still, watch it. And you're also upset that you don't have time to gather around and listen to a record, spy on people with binoculars or build a tree house on the very top of a tree. Or maybe just run away, period.

Baby picture time!

Vert your eyes! Ignore the nudity.


part 2

Everything has changed. My whole life has turned around, and yours probably will too, you know why? Because I decided to ditch the three part DIY that would probably be finished in June and amaze you readers with something else rich with Karelia brilliance.

Brilliance, you say...

I'm sorry if you got your hopes up on the whole 3-part-DIY extravagance.
It's just, well, (brace yourself for excuses) I am really busy these days! And I stare at the computer awkwardly, thinking, "I better do that DIY post!" but then the interest disappeared in my idea. You probably wouldn't have even enjoyed my second DIY. I thought up all three in five minutes.
I feel really terrible unloading all of this to you now, but I have a make-up gift! You didn't think I would leave you with nothing, did you?

Me and Dayzee decided to do an interview together! To be specific, her asking me the questions, since I am sooooo interested.
I'm the bestest girl ever, aren't I?
So if you would like to read this magnificent post, I strongly suggest you check out Dayzee's amazing, well-written blog by clicking the link above. I am such a fan of her use of creativity, style, and writing and I am so delighted that we have gotten to work together.
Since this is my 99th post, I would like to dedicate it to the little cat always pawing the window in the basement of the house next door. It looks like he's dancing and he makes me happy that the world has dancing cats out there.
The weather has been positively dreadful but I still enjoy it. The gloominess in the rain brings out the one thing in my life that will always be by my side, through thick and through the thinnest of times, no, not dancing cats.
That is indeed naps.

Oh, and Hel Looks.

It's been a while!


facebook yo

Hey everybody! I'm on Facebook! YAY! Like my page here. You can also friend me, if you'd like. Just write on the wall!

stripes and stuff

Finally! An outfit!
The dress underneath the shirt is from H&M. I got it for Christmas.
The shirt is from American Apparel. I love it with all my heart.
Also, in the last picture, you can see a little watch. It's a Harajuku Girls watch that I bought at a thrift store for $7.oo. It's my best friend.
The jeans are also from H&M. They were also $7.00. (On sale racks are fairy godmothers.)
My messy hair is just the way it is. I sometimes straighten my hair, but I'm in a messy mood. The red dye has faded to a red salmon, and I'm desperate or a change. I think this time I'm gonna go for a pink and just dye the tips. I'm gonna get bangs, too. I miss my old hair.
The Ruby Lotus is my favourite blog at the moment. Ruby (other Ruby) is a quirky 14 year old who wears rad lipstick and cool glasses. I've only talked to her a couple of times through online messaging, but she's really nice. Go check out her blog!



Today I went snow shoeing with my grade six class on Grouse. The snow was incredible.
Like, this much! No joke!
Our class jumped off of this big drop off into this huge pile of snow. In our snowpants!
Snow pants make everything magical.
I hope you enjoyed the short post.


yours is a funeral i'de fly to from anywhere

Hey. New year, new style.

Tomorrow is my birthday. (HOLY OMG ITS A GIRL'S BIRTHDAY AND) Yeah. I'm turning 12.
Finally. I've been spreading the news around - queue the gossip spreading montage - and everybody has been going, "really?" or "dude i thought you was 12 like a million years ago"
Hey you, yeah you. Guess what? It's snowing in Van Can. WWWWHAT you say? Yes. I mean it.
It didn't snow all Winter Break (bummer) and then now, it's like the weather people are making it snow on my birthday! Yay! (See, this is the moment where you picture me in your head jumping and then pausing it in mid air with my hand making a fist pump)

Have you seen the new Wes Anderson movie trailer? Of course you have! It looks amazing!
If you haven't (then your probably a smoozer) let me summarize it.
There is a cute little boy in it who wears a raccoon tail hat. And he's in camp. There is cool French music. There is a beautiful girl in it who wears the most raddest pink collared dress.
It's so positively Wes Anderson.

So go Youtube it.


i haven't seen you since last year

I spent New Years Eve at Colette's with her, Max, Johnny, and my brother Liam.
Mostly we partied in her garage with bright red lights and a disco ball and loud music,
(Vampire Weekend all the way around to Rebecca Black)
but then we got bored at walked down Main Street. Johnny bought a broom at the dollar store
and we had lollipops. I took all of these photos.

Left to right: Max, Johnny, Liam, Colette.

Oh - we also played with a mannequin head all night, too.

Tons of things happened:
I got really into photography.
I got my first Docs. (!)
I went to Vegas baby.
I played A LOT of Call of Duty and slayed zombies.
I posted on this blog.
One of my favourite teachers left. (sad)
My friend got me into Pretty Little Liars because it's addddddicting.
Theres more.

Happy New Years friends. And remember:
Eat a lot of cake!