noose around your neck

Sups a diddle?
It's ten minutes until I need to get to school and I'm listening to Mumford & Sons.
School is new and exciting but frightening.
Too many people have been surprised that I'm in only in grade six.
Well, I am. Deal with it, homeees.

I went back to school shopping two weeks ago at H&M. Pictures later.

Now I'm listening to Awake My Soul. I really need to be awoken. I'm half asleep and I greeted my poor mum this morning when she woke me up by whimpering and saying, "I freaking don't want to go to school."
But I have to; and since I'm leaving in three minutes with my already packed bags, faking a stomach ache wouldn't be an option. So have a good day at school, my fellow learning buddies.
Try to stay awake in math.