knowing me knowing you uhh huuhh

Getting ready for Halloween. Costume: Margot Tenenbaum.
I went as Emily the Strange one year, Alice and Wonderland, and uh... oh, a chimney-sweep.

Do I miss my long hair? Yes. I do, but I think short hair is better cause its doesn't become a pain in the ask.
I like my red hair, and the blonde I'm sure I won't miss because I have lots left.
I am not the most interesting person right now. I am kind of freaking out because I get to go to a chocolate bar tonight, chyess, a chocolate bar. What are you doing tonight, peeps? Watching reruns of The Office and SNL? I've got the coolest swagger around, not to brag! I feel bad now, I am sorry.




It's the revenge of the Bieber concert tonight, and I don't know, like everyone of my friends will be attending. I am not a fan myself, but the problem is, they get THEIR "heartthrob" to come to their town but for mine to come they would most likely have to rise from the grave. Its not fair, huh.
When you stand on the porch of my house, you can almost here the faint sound of screaming girls of all ages as if they would attract his Bieber's attention, with all those others adolescents, toddlers ( Past the Bobs and Lolo phase ) and in between girls.
I hope they yell almost enough to get the air to swift his hair back into it's original straight ( Not vacuumed ) hair.
But that would make a small difference to my un-liking level.

-yours, ruby


miu miu collars

I have had a recent obsession for Miu Miu collars, but the things are like $200.
( Say, if you just have $200 sitting around, give Ruby a call )
I drew some pictures of Miu Miu items, I can show them later... I have to go to school in ten minutes.
While I was drawing, I had to look on my Ipood Touch of pictures of Miu Miu items. You know?
Some people had posted pictures of their own DIY Miu Miu inspired collars. I had figured out that they're the easiest things
to make, so now i gotta take a trip to Value Village to get the collared shirt.

You know the collars remind me of Dickies. No, not these Dickies -

These Dickies -

But I think of the Miu Miu collars more graceful.