So a couple days ago, I was surfin the web and reading Tavi's blog.
I ran into some one her pictures (Ahh, how do you run into pictures) more like saw them,
and then she presented this real aweso
me bag. I am taking this picture from Tavi's site...
I loved this back to my hearts content. I accidentally just spelled 'continent' instead, so thank gosh for backspacing. Yay for backspacing~!
I had to find out who made the bags, and then wonderful Tavi posted the name of the designers site. Being the obsessive girl I am, I emailed her and realized she is pretty cool.
Her name is Roxanne! We both have our names in two famous songs. Yayayay!

Yay for cool bags! Am I saying yay to much?! Yay for yaying yaying!
I'm tired of all of that yaying. Nay for yaying yaying.
typed with my nose: cc7g6


what a beautiful face we have found in this place that is circling all around the sun

Neutral Milk Hotel. Pictures I found on google images.

I lllooovvveee this band which sadly is no more. (Sad face)
Check it out peoples. Or, to save you the time...