wouldn't it be nice

I have had a new recent and sudden affection for band, right after Joan Jett, (read post title below for story)
The Beach Boys. They certainly made people dance at the PNE today, before Brian Adams.
(my entitled opinion: not a fan, methinks)
I don't know if anybody is reading. If you are, leave a comment, then I don't have to talk to myself, thinking I'm talking to somebody else, then I look foolish. So even if you happen to stumble on this maybe boring, plain blog, leave a comment.
At least I have my words in space, you know? Leora: COMMENT! I know your reading!! (Leora : my friend)
Randomly may I ask,
What do I write now?
Here. Enjoy some funny pictures of Nancy and Sluggo.

Enjoy another, (im still thinking)

I'm sorry people, I have nothing else!!
Omigosh!! I just got an idea.

I just went to Europe.
Spain, for one week, then another place in Spain, for another, then France.
I had a swell time!!
More swell then just SWELL, and more SWELL then that SWELL, Okay, you get my point, it was just swell.
I will tell you my thing next post.
(sorry to disappoint)


my sudden affection of joan jett after hearing the beginning of Freaks and Geeks

Here we go.

beach boys

I happen to be going to the PNE today,
and happen to be seeing the Beach Boys!!
I am so excited.
I am seeing Joan Jett soon, as well.
This is one of my most exciting weeks, methinks.
Can't wait!!



nancy and sluggo

Again with the names, Comic Book writers?
(Maybe it just has to do with the characters) But still??

Speaking of comics, here is something.


betty and veronica: my synopsis

The B&V.
Nothing takes any pain away from anybody's body, like Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, and The Gang.
Here is my synopsis,
The staring cast of Girls: Betty is the blonde, athletic smarts, and Veronica is the rich, sophisticated, monarch.
Boys: Archie is the man everyone falls for, a clumsy ginger, though, Betty and Veronica seem to fancy him and
do foolish things to get a hold of him. Jughead, what type of name is JugHead? it sounds sort of insulting towards this crowned,
hungry long legged boy.
how much I love them. But lets not forget Reggie, and Midge, and Moose, (I know, sometimes you really have to think about the parents who give these kids the names!) and Cheryl.

Thanks, Zara

Summer is almost over. Cannot believe. Doesn't it feel like forever ago you were just sitting in school, picking your nose,
and drooling a boredom puddle, while head in hands, twitching your nose, just starved?
I don't think I miss that.
This is me, with my version of my twitching nose face, in a handkerchief and my mums blazer. Also a striped navy and white sweater from Zara underneath.
Please don't tell me I look like a flight attendant.
except with the big smile and bun in the back, heavy-duty eyeliner and red lipstick.
I know its graphic, but just need to give you reassurance.