tied up with ribbons

I've been being really artsy this weekend. (CUZ I AM SOO CRAFTY AND CREATIVE AND KOOL) Me and my mommy are making felt owl ornaments for our Christmas tree, which I guess we're going to go get soon. A year, really? I feel like it was just yesterday that I posted this.
I guess I'll post my pictures I just took. We won our soccer game in the morning and I've been lazing around today in my pajamas. I decided to steal my dads camera - what a great daughter I am - and take random memories...

Picture finally worked out. Chyesss.

The view from my room.

Today I've been Stitching and B*tching up a felt deer. I'll give you guys a DIY tutorial on how to make a felt owl, cause it's super easy. And they're pretty. Yep.
Here is a picture of the deer-in-the-making. I attempted to stitch a heart.
(The owl post will come shortly! Be patient, my student.)


another highway


In ten minutes I'm gonna go watch SNL.
So I better make this fast.

I played Sims and Call of Duty today because I wanted to.
I ate a chocolate cookie that was good.
I chugged a bottle of Cream Soda which was entertaining.
That was my day.
OH! And I watched Seinfeld.

I just had to give you the highlights of it.

Things have been getting Christmas-y and infact two nights ago it snowed and sticked to the ground. It's still on the ground, but it's slowly fading away, which is torturing us kids.

What do I think of when someone says Christmas?

-Frank Sinatra singing Christmas carols
-Wrapping myself in a million layers

-Waking up at four a.m on Christmas morning like I did when I was 5
-Watching 'It's A Wonderful Life' and laughing

Excuse the title of the video.


i ♡ sweaters & fally-y stuff

All images found on Google Images because I'm to lazy to take pictures and what better way to express my love for a nice big coat then a picture of Margot Tenenbaum

I've been obsessed with Navajo designs and those colourful blankets I think are from
Urban Outfitters. ^^ The design before that I found on the COMME des GARCONS site in the slide show on the home page here.
The Pink Ladies are there cause it's fall in that scene like it is now, well, it's beginning to show signs of winter in our 'hood. Yesterday I went to soccer practice and I SWEAR it was wet flurrying. No joke. Anyways, The Pink Ladies (I don't know how they can pass for 18) are cool and deserve a special mention.

This photo was found on Rookie, a site for teenage girls.

That's what I'm talking about, yo'.


these are our people

Pictures found on Google Images


noose around your neck

Sups a diddle?
It's ten minutes until I need to get to school and I'm listening to Mumford & Sons.
School is new and exciting but frightening.
Too many people have been surprised that I'm in only in grade six.
Well, I am. Deal with it, homeees.

I went back to school shopping two weeks ago at H&M. Pictures later.

Now I'm listening to Awake My Soul. I really need to be awoken. I'm half asleep and I greeted my poor mum this morning when she woke me up by whimpering and saying, "I freaking don't want to go to school."
But I have to; and since I'm leaving in three minutes with my already packed bags, faking a stomach ache wouldn't be an option. So have a good day at school, my fellow learning buddies.
Try to stay awake in math.



It arrived in the mail. Well, they all did.
Pictures soon.


and it was all yellow

Today I bought my first thing online. On Etsy. And I'm super happy.
I'm not going to tell anyone. When it arrives in the mail, I'll post pictures, but for now you will have to wait. I'm sorry.
I think I'm almost as happy as my dad when he bought a pair of pants online and we went to go pick them up. He was so excited - even for a pair of pants, like me being excited for the
You thought I would tell. No.
So I hope you don't mind about my secrecy, but me telling you would make the whole surprise just a has-been.
Oh - heres a conversation that just happened.
MOM: You do know that Gwyneth Paltrow's mom is the other mother in Meet The Fockers...?
MEEEE: Really? I love her! She's so sweet. I love her face.

All of this because I was listening to Coldplay's Yellow.
And not even Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd take my love away for that song.


crazy beach partay

A week ago, I went to PlayLand, an amusment park in VanCan with some friends. And my brother. A couple weeks before that, I went with Ruth, my nonline friend (if you don't count Facebook). So much fun. The latest time we went to PlayLand, we went on a handful of rides.
Crazy Beach Party - or Crazy Female Dog Party
and The Hellevator, this big tall structure that sends you shooting up real fast.
The Enterprise, this ferris wheel type of thing where in a pod, you spin in a circle very fast that you transition into - well - more upside-down.
I could go on, boring you, and boring me, but fortunately I love all of you, and me, so I have decided not to torture you.

So summer has been treating me okay. I guess. I miss a lot of my friends.
I also miss my old teacher a lot. And he left our school. And he told us he was leaving on the last day. I teared up. So did other kids. And it really got to us when he was all like,
"If you ever, ever need me, you know my number and I will be there for you. I'll always be with you."
I remember once, after Spring Break's trip to Las Vegas, I caught my brothers soar throat on the night before school. I went to school anyways, longing to see my friends, fighting through the pain that occurred when I swallowed. After about an hour in class, I couldn't take it and called home.
I sat in my desk waiting for my dad to pick me up, and then Mr. Bye-Bye (That's what I shall call him) told me that while I'm sick (which was the whole week) I should get some popsicles and watch "Shakespeare in Love". I got the snack, but I failed to watch the movie... until about three weeks ago. I loved it.

I also will miss my other teacher.
The past year I got to take part in a special class where we made videos.
Our final project was amazing. It was a stop-motion-animation video with a big moral. I'm not going to give it away though. If it ever gets on YouTube, I'll show it to you.

Was that too heartfelt?




summary epic

Due to my camping, I have been tardy posting. It's summer, geez, I'm busy.

In this post, because of my un-interestingness, I have decided to write a summary.
Ah, A summary?! you say? Why yes. A summary. Of a movie. because thats how pro I am.
I have decided that every time I have absolutely nothing to say I can just resort to writing summaries. Probably all of the movies I summarize will be Wes Anderson ones, so all of my friends ignorant to his work will get a chance to experience me, but, full on hippy.
To begin with this new substitution, I will experiment with my all time favourite favourite favourite favourite favourite favourite movie.
The Royal Tenenbaums
Fancy, eh?

SOOOOOOOO business time.

Royal Tenenbaum started a family with this lady named Etheline and they had two children, Ritchie and Chas. They also adopted Margot, a glum play write. Ritchie grew up to be a tennis prodigy and a writer. Chas grew up to be a math and business genius. He got married and had two kids. Their mother died in a plane accident, so he grew very protective of his children.
Eli Cash, the Tenenbaum's children's childhood friend, a writer, was very close to the family.

Etheline and Royal Tenenbaum split up and Royal lost connection with his family.
One day, when he kids were much older and in their own homes, (but for Ritchie, on his boat) Chas decided to go back to the Tenenbaum house and live there with his kids and Etheline.
When Margot, who had gotten married to Raleigh St. Clair, finds out about Chas' return home, she announces she is unhappy and goes back home as well.
Soon, Ritchie, who is is secretly in love with Margot comes home too.

Royal, who had lived in a hotel alone runs out of money and needs a place to stay.
He decides that he should fake a terminal illness to weasel his way back into the estranged family's lives.

I'm tired.
I hope you enjoyed my attempt.



Hi, Pagoda!




So a couple days ago, I was surfin the web and reading Tavi's blog.
I ran into some one her pictures (Ahh, how do you run into pictures) more like saw them,
and then she presented this real aweso
me bag. I am taking this picture from Tavi's site...
I loved this back to my hearts content. I accidentally just spelled 'continent' instead, so thank gosh for backspacing. Yay for backspacing~!
I had to find out who made the bags, and then wonderful Tavi posted the name of the designers site. Being the obsessive girl I am, I emailed her and realized she is pretty cool.
Her name is Roxanne! We both have our names in two famous songs. Yayayay!

Yay for cool bags! Am I saying yay to much?! Yay for yaying yaying!
I'm tired of all of that yaying. Nay for yaying yaying.
typed with my nose: cc7g6


what a beautiful face we have found in this place that is circling all around the sun

Neutral Milk Hotel. Pictures I found on google images.

I lllooovvveee this band which sadly is no more. (Sad face)
Check it out peoples. Or, to save you the time...


sydney your a firework

Hey everyone!
I have a really good friend named Sydney and I just wanna give a shout out to her... She didn't have a very happy School Sports Day Thursday. Sad face. She broke part of her arm. Here's her blog - share the love people. You should really check it out. She is really funny. Happy face!
(Reading a new book from the library called "Audrey, Wait!" - So far so amazing)
I hang out with Kayla today. We went to the library, then another library, then hung out at Oakridge and ate poutine. Yum. (By the way, check out her blog as well, though she hasn't written for a while she has a great blog)
I'm really into those poppy songs preteens my age nowadays like... Sorry, oldies.
Infact, I am listening to 'Born this Way' right now. Don't judge me for listening to Lady Gaga peoples, (though I don't know why listening to LG would be weird) I was positively born this way. Sorry. I'm just really. Really. Into the music. The only reason I have the song on my Ipod is because well, frankly, I really love the song after a few months of just 'embracing it' cause I really didn't enjoy it, and plus, I just watched Lady Gaga in an interview on TV. (WARNING: Interview contains a nipslip incident with her leather bra she was wearing, don't worry, pixels censored it all)
Well, I am still just my old self - Ruby that is. Ruby Karelia!

Now I'm listening to Metric - Gimme Sympathy. I'm not just listening to it because it says 'The Beatles'. I really actually adore this song.

I've now vanished.




who would you rather be, the beatles or the rolling stones? oh seriously, your gonna make mistakes your young

Spending my days - (I accidentally spelt 'dad' first instead of 'days') - embracing this golden weather, scootering along side my brother on his skateboard, wearing dresses WITHOUT tights underneath - ahh, my favourite - and hoping you guys haven't lost faith in me for writing, sorry about the delays.
And reading. Lostsa losta reading. Nancy Drew mostly. Though, in less then 24 hours I read 'Dear George Clooney, Please Marry my Mom' by Susin Nielsen - which is an amazing book. I'm really hooked on the VPL website (Vancouver Public Library). Encountering things is so hip.

Look at my redness. Do you like my redness? OMG there is like SOOOOOOOOOOO much redness!



new obsession

Elton John pawns. I love his gayness. He is spectacular.


Lost Wages (pictures in next post)

As you may know, (From me or my witty pun as my post title) I recently went to Las Vegas over Spring Break! I had a blast. Couldn't gamble :( , but still. It was rad. I also got some pretty psychedelic clothes (Pictures to be continued).
I'll tell you what we did.

On Thursday, 1ish, we landed in Vegas.
Fast forward 30 minutes, we find us in The Planet Hollywood (which we will call PH) and in the elevator to the 18th floor. If you don't know, in each PH suite there is memorabilia from different movies. We got the "Doctor Dolittle" suite and we got Doctor Dolittle's pants and shirt that he actually wore in the film. Yay!
Then we attempted the pool.
We rode the elevator down to the 6th floor and went to the pool.

There was 1 hot tub and a large pool, which was ReAlLy cold, but I still went in.
It was fun, fun, fun!

Does everyone know I'm a Beatles fan? A HUGE fan? THE HUGEST HUGEST HUGEST HUGEST HUGEST fan? Well I am. Ask anyone I know.
After a dip in the pool, I saw "The Beatles 'Love' Cirque Du Soleil"!
It was . . . Amazing, the choreography was so pitch perfect and the music was unbelievable.
If that was the only thing we did I would still be satisfied.

2nd day

On the 2nd day,
I woke up and my mum and I went down to StarBucks to get some coffee. A nice little walk.

I love you guys :)



So... How have you been, computer?
Although I am trying to avoid the subject, I am deeply sorry for my lack of concentration with this blog. I'm trying to get back on the horse. Fear no more!

I got braces! Clear ones, sadly, no colour. Here is the begining of the story I am writing:

And so, with a gentle buzz of the bell, students were released.

I ran out onto the field through the back doors. It was a Friday.

My best friend, Peyton, had already gotten to the benches, where she sat and

waited with her bags at her feet on the gravel ground.

Trees and people surrounded the perimeter of the school, letting that rare pleasureful sigh out, as people realized that it was a Friday.

Ah, how I loved Fridays.

I cradled my books in my hand while my bag rested on my shoulder, swinging

with the beat of my foot steps.

Hi, Hunter.” Peyton said.

Haven't I told you not to call me Hunter?” I asked. She looked puzzled.

Dude, it's your name.” She replied, as her blonde hair brushed against her face in the wind.

But it's also a boy's name.” I said. “And I am a girl.”

She got up, and we began walking.

Peyton had dark brown eyes, perfect curved lips shaded a magnificent crimson.

I had dyed red hair, hazel eyes, lips chipped and cracked that bled with every pick I attempted with my teeth. I had an endless print of freckles, that formed a tornado up my cheeks.

I know you are a girl, Hunter.” Peyton spoke, her eyes focused on the sidewalk ahead of her.

No matter what your are, we still are best friends.”

I felt the wind against my face. It pressured my face, freezing it.

It thawed as we continued our walk.

So next next Friday is my birthday party. Can you make it?” Peyton questioned, as her hair got pushed towards her back when her painted red nails threw her strands of black. We had painted our nails each week that month. Mine were painted a bright and cheerful orange. It cheered me up when I saw them tapping my desk during a test.

They were so colourful that they took you away, with that glossy texture, the popping of the colour, the joyfulness of it. I loved colour.

Peyton and I walked down to our favourite restaurant, every Friday, before she went to Chinese School. The restaurant was called, “Berg”. It served burgers, fries, and hotdogs. We would always get fries, and gobble them up before she had to leave.

What would you like today, Hunter and Peyton?” Mag asked. Mag was the restaurant's manager. She was a very good friend of mine, and we had known each other for a long time.

Large fries.” We both said, smiling a big smile. “And two Sprites.”

I was excited to bite into a fry. A hot, sizzling fry, one still warm, that would be bubbling in my gullet. And the Sprite! The liquid that would calm my thirst.





i like pie

I really am sad right now. . . You know why? My stupid camera broke it's autofocus. . . and now the pictures I take are sick with blurriness. Poop. . .
So me friends, I hope your having a cool February. To the max~!
I'm not. . . Cause my POOPY CAMERA BROKE. Agh. I was enjoying capturing moments.
Changing the subject. . .
I was sick from school today because I have this sore throat, emphasis on the sore.
I still have this horrible scratchy feeling bombarding through my throat whenever I swallow.
I really love writing stories when I am sick, as it just soothes my head. So I don't know what to talk about now. . .
I would actually like to give some more shout outs to friends of mine. . .
-Grant McCracken ~ he is really awesome!
-Emma Levine ~ One of the awesomest person in the world, check out her blog
-Sydney DB ~ Great blogs. . . Check em out!
-Kayla Z ~ I lurv you.
-All of my followers ~ When I finally noticed I had readers. . . I kind of cried. Happily.

Everyone else. I pummel you with hugs.
Happy Valentines!



i tie it to the radiator

Hey y'all.
I hope you were all satisfied with the 45th post - as I worked really hard on it uploading and transfering photos. I have taken lot more photos, and when I get back into the blogging reutine I promise to keep you posted. So stay classy!
It was my birthday on Monday (The 17th of January) and I turned... A number. For my birthday I recieved a pair of real UGG boots from my parents, Beatles pins from a friend at school, moolah from various people, and flowers from my brother. Plus, hugs and cards from lots of my friends. Thanks everyone.
These UGG boots are the warmest things. I've put them on after my soccer game, which we won and 5 of us scored a goal including me, and I am still wearing them. For those who haven't tried UGGs on, just picture a baby panda bear gently hugging you foot. I really enjoy wearing them.
For those who do not know, my previous post was my 45th and I made it very special, so you can read it by scrolling down the page with the scroll bar to your left. Your other left.