these days

I'm having some fun I guess. I have been put on Grant McCracken's blog-roll,
I am honored, and I would just like to offer my thanks. Blog on, Grant!
Thanks everybody! This has been an exciting week!

I'm really into Miu Miu now, like the collars and the shoes.



'Nuff said.



tank you tank you

I just would love to give a Lawrence Welk thank you to those who commented.
I appreciate it, lots!!

From Booby Rooby

rocky raccoon loved a girl name nancy

Roxy Roller! (My mum doesn't want me to say that word.)
Is it passed Thanksgiving already?
I started this blog almost 6 months ago. Nobody has commented except myself, (Pathetic, I know) and I'm wondering if Leora is reading this. (My friend)
If you are, comment ASAP. Or is everybody who wants to comment just too feeble to say "Hi". Nevermind.

Justin Bieber is taking over my earth. After I got back from Spain all of my friends were like "Join Us! Join Us" and I promised myself I never will. Its not my sort of thing. To bad nobody in my school knows who Nico is!