spain/france '10 part 2

Time for part 2! Lets review...
-met a Vancouver Canuck
-met up with other family at Milestones
-had a great flight
-landed in Frankfurt

We landed in Frankfurt around 4:00 (P.M) and recovered ourselves from that nine hour flight.
Frankfurt was - err... not to hot, we didn't even go outside, so I don't really know.
We waited, waited, and soon boarded onto our next three hour flight.
During the next plane ride, I sat in between my mum, sleeping most of the time, and my brother, as we read the sleazy gossip magazine and eating the left over Starbursts, and also drinking Sprites and stuff like that.
I then fell asleep, and when I awoke, there out the window was Barcelona; it stretched from one eye to the other.
We got off the plane. Here's the funny part...
My hair kinda looked like Hannah Montana back then. I hated the fact, but I had a little laugh about it when a little German girl kept pointing her finger at me and tugging her dad's shirt and saying, "Hannah Montana! Hannah Montana!" as we walked down the stairs leading to the first breaths of Spain I would embrace.
The other family we were traveling with met up with us and we noticed how hot it was outside. END OF PART 2, PART 3 COMING UP!!


spain/france '10 (PART ONE)

I just want to tell you about my trip to Spain and France this summer.
My trip was in Europe, an amazing continent. We had tons of fun exploring things we would have seen 100 years ago, if we were alive.
It started off at home on a Saturday full of excitement and exuberant smiles waiting for that moment when the taxi pulled up. We waited for what seemed hours (probably just 15 minutes) and then it pulled up and zoomed to the doors. The taxi man lugged our stuff into the trunks of luggage past and we headed off, getting closer and closer to our destination. We arrived at the airport, things frantic and quite impatient. The whole ride there you would hear things like,
"Are we going to have snails in France?" or "I wonder if the water is actually BLUE there." and the ride went on. At the airport, we waited in line for our ticket thingy-ma-bobbers and walked around for a while. We later found ourselves in front of a Milestones, so we went inside a booth and waited for our curly fries.

Soon, while eating, our traveling partners, another family of four found us and waited for their curly fries. In the other family, I have a friend named Colette, and she is a hockey fan/player aswell as a fun buddy to make HUGE hot-fudge sundaes with and watch Flight of the Conchords with. Just then, while sitting in that booth, Henrik Sedin walked right passed the Milestones... and into the Milestones. For you who don't know him, Henrik Sedin is the captain of the hockey team "The Vancouver Canucks". He came in with his little boy and wife, probably heading to Sweden, his home country. Then he sat down... in the booth next to us.

That made Colette go crazy. We sat there giggling and watching his every move while an aborning feeling came into us, and then we got up and asked for his autograph.
(I don't know where it is now but what the hey.)


We got on our flight heading to Frankfurt, Germany where we then would fly to Spain.
The flight went quite well, as I had lots of Starburst and one sleazy teen magazine.

this is going to be a continual post adding up to the end of my trip. Next post will be part 2, then so on. Have nice day,