i like pie

I really am sad right now. . . You know why? My stupid camera broke it's autofocus. . . and now the pictures I take are sick with blurriness. Poop. . .
So me friends, I hope your having a cool February. To the max~!
I'm not. . . Cause my POOPY CAMERA BROKE. Agh. I was enjoying capturing moments.
Changing the subject. . .
I was sick from school today because I have this sore throat, emphasis on the sore.
I still have this horrible scratchy feeling bombarding through my throat whenever I swallow.
I really love writing stories when I am sick, as it just soothes my head. So I don't know what to talk about now. . .
I would actually like to give some more shout outs to friends of mine. . .
-Grant McCracken ~ he is really awesome!
-Emma Levine ~ One of the awesomest person in the world, check out her blog
-Sydney DB ~ Great blogs. . . Check em out!
-Kayla Z ~ I lurv you.
-All of my followers ~ When I finally noticed I had readers. . . I kind of cried. Happily.

Everyone else. I pummel you with hugs.
Happy Valentines!