and it was all yellow

Today I bought my first thing online. On Etsy. And I'm super happy.
I'm not going to tell anyone. When it arrives in the mail, I'll post pictures, but for now you will have to wait. I'm sorry.
I think I'm almost as happy as my dad when he bought a pair of pants online and we went to go pick them up. He was so excited - even for a pair of pants, like me being excited for the
You thought I would tell. No.
So I hope you don't mind about my secrecy, but me telling you would make the whole surprise just a has-been.
Oh - heres a conversation that just happened.
MOM: You do know that Gwyneth Paltrow's mom is the other mother in Meet The Fockers...?
MEEEE: Really? I love her! She's so sweet. I love her face.

All of this because I was listening to Coldplay's Yellow.
And not even Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd take my love away for that song.