i tie it to the radiator

Hey y'all.
I hope you were all satisfied with the 45th post - as I worked really hard on it uploading and transfering photos. I have taken lot more photos, and when I get back into the blogging reutine I promise to keep you posted. So stay classy!
It was my birthday on Monday (The 17th of January) and I turned... A number. For my birthday I recieved a pair of real UGG boots from my parents, Beatles pins from a friend at school, moolah from various people, and flowers from my brother. Plus, hugs and cards from lots of my friends. Thanks everyone.
These UGG boots are the warmest things. I've put them on after my soccer game, which we won and 5 of us scored a goal including me, and I am still wearing them. For those who haven't tried UGGs on, just picture a baby panda bear gently hugging you foot. I really enjoy wearing them.
For those who do not know, my previous post was my 45th and I made it very special, so you can read it by scrolling down the page with the scroll bar to your left. Your other left.