summary epic

Due to my camping, I have been tardy posting. It's summer, geez, I'm busy.

In this post, because of my un-interestingness, I have decided to write a summary.
Ah, A summary?! you say? Why yes. A summary. Of a movie. because thats how pro I am.
I have decided that every time I have absolutely nothing to say I can just resort to writing summaries. Probably all of the movies I summarize will be Wes Anderson ones, so all of my friends ignorant to his work will get a chance to experience me, but, full on hippy.
To begin with this new substitution, I will experiment with my all time favourite favourite favourite favourite favourite favourite movie.
The Royal Tenenbaums
Fancy, eh?

SOOOOOOOO business time.

Royal Tenenbaum started a family with this lady named Etheline and they had two children, Ritchie and Chas. They also adopted Margot, a glum play write. Ritchie grew up to be a tennis prodigy and a writer. Chas grew up to be a math and business genius. He got married and had two kids. Their mother died in a plane accident, so he grew very protective of his children.
Eli Cash, the Tenenbaum's children's childhood friend, a writer, was very close to the family.

Etheline and Royal Tenenbaum split up and Royal lost connection with his family.
One day, when he kids were much older and in their own homes, (but for Ritchie, on his boat) Chas decided to go back to the Tenenbaum house and live there with his kids and Etheline.
When Margot, who had gotten married to Raleigh St. Clair, finds out about Chas' return home, she announces she is unhappy and goes back home as well.
Soon, Ritchie, who is is secretly in love with Margot comes home too.

Royal, who had lived in a hotel alone runs out of money and needs a place to stay.
He decides that he should fake a terminal illness to weasel his way back into the estranged family's lives.

I'm tired.
I hope you enjoyed my attempt.