happy new year

Happy New Year everyone- it's been a good year.
This is my 44th post, I'm just guessing, and when I post my 45th, (WOW!) I have a special post for you. I have put a lot of effort into it and I hope you like it. Thanks for reading my blog!



i call it... preparation h -dr evil

I am truly sorry of my... "break", although it was laziness that was keeping me from writing.
Since it is Winter Break here in my part of Van Can I am probably not going to write until January... after Christmas. Sorry for the inconvenience.

My wishlist for Christmas:




I wish you all a Twisted Christmas!




I don't have a title for this post.

I am having a hard week. I don't know why. It's just weird.
Well, I have nothing exciting to post!!

My Christmas wishlist is money.

Well... Merry Christmas. :-)




My head REALLY hurt today so I stayed in when it was time for gym. It was so lonely in the class.
Nobody was there. Just me. Really boring. But- er. Butter? Never mind. There is no but to this subject.
Nothing very interesting.

I would like to make a few shout outs to some people that have not got one...
Grant McCracken, thanks for the wonderful contributions you made. Encouragement, faith, and putting me on your blog roll. Thanks!
Leora, thanks so much for the motivation and encouragement. You are pure awesomeness.
Kayla, (Fran or Flay) thanks for mentioning me on your blog. (FYI, Kayla is a great writer so check her blog out!)
Sydney, thanks for the... thanks! Your so welcome. Inspiring people is what my goal is and I'm happy to begin with you. (Sydney's blog is great too!)
Thanks so much to Aljee, Megan Thomas, my "nonline" friends, Emma, my parents, teacher, or teachers.
This is beginning to sound like an Emmy award speech so I stop now.



surprise wait no

No surprises for today, my besties.
It's been very busy for me these days, and I'm sorry I haven't been writing.
I am going to confide in a musical theatre class...? Interesting??
I really like theatre... and the musical type as well, I like singing, dancing and drama.
Though my dancing isn't swell, I try my hardest. (But no matter how hard I still can't tango)
I feel so uninteresting right now... hmm.
At school I've been trying to balance my regular work and my writing stories part.
It's really hard because we don't have any time to write during class, so I have to leave it in my desk for like 3 days. Other then that, things are pretty good.
Today, I had a sudden realization of a temporary style. I'm going to try to make it look nice, not tacky. (This will only be in clothing, sometimes I already have the attitude covered)
I thought, rather then later, I am now in my goth phase.
I just want to dress goth for like a week and then have the high school goth phase rescheduled to now. Plus, I have a new hairstyle wish.
When my hair grows out a bit, I'm going to dye it pink like this.

(My hair as a wig with the desired pink spots coloured yellow)

Goo Bye!



spain/france '10 part 2

Time for part 2! Lets review...
-met a Vancouver Canuck
-met up with other family at Milestones
-had a great flight
-landed in Frankfurt

We landed in Frankfurt around 4:00 (P.M) and recovered ourselves from that nine hour flight.
Frankfurt was - err... not to hot, we didn't even go outside, so I don't really know.
We waited, waited, and soon boarded onto our next three hour flight.
During the next plane ride, I sat in between my mum, sleeping most of the time, and my brother, as we read the sleazy gossip magazine and eating the left over Starbursts, and also drinking Sprites and stuff like that.
I then fell asleep, and when I awoke, there out the window was Barcelona; it stretched from one eye to the other.
We got off the plane. Here's the funny part...
My hair kinda looked like Hannah Montana back then. I hated the fact, but I had a little laugh about it when a little German girl kept pointing her finger at me and tugging her dad's shirt and saying, "Hannah Montana! Hannah Montana!" as we walked down the stairs leading to the first breaths of Spain I would embrace.
The other family we were traveling with met up with us and we noticed how hot it was outside. END OF PART 2, PART 3 COMING UP!!


spain/france '10 (PART ONE)

I just want to tell you about my trip to Spain and France this summer.
My trip was in Europe, an amazing continent. We had tons of fun exploring things we would have seen 100 years ago, if we were alive.
It started off at home on a Saturday full of excitement and exuberant smiles waiting for that moment when the taxi pulled up. We waited for what seemed hours (probably just 15 minutes) and then it pulled up and zoomed to the doors. The taxi man lugged our stuff into the trunks of luggage past and we headed off, getting closer and closer to our destination. We arrived at the airport, things frantic and quite impatient. The whole ride there you would hear things like,
"Are we going to have snails in France?" or "I wonder if the water is actually BLUE there." and the ride went on. At the airport, we waited in line for our ticket thingy-ma-bobbers and walked around for a while. We later found ourselves in front of a Milestones, so we went inside a booth and waited for our curly fries.

Soon, while eating, our traveling partners, another family of four found us and waited for their curly fries. In the other family, I have a friend named Colette, and she is a hockey fan/player aswell as a fun buddy to make HUGE hot-fudge sundaes with and watch Flight of the Conchords with. Just then, while sitting in that booth, Henrik Sedin walked right passed the Milestones... and into the Milestones. For you who don't know him, Henrik Sedin is the captain of the hockey team "The Vancouver Canucks". He came in with his little boy and wife, probably heading to Sweden, his home country. Then he sat down... in the booth next to us.

That made Colette go crazy. We sat there giggling and watching his every move while an aborning feeling came into us, and then we got up and asked for his autograph.
(I don't know where it is now but what the hey.)


We got on our flight heading to Frankfurt, Germany where we then would fly to Spain.
The flight went quite well, as I had lots of Starburst and one sleazy teen magazine.

this is going to be a continual post adding up to the end of my trip. Next post will be part 2, then so on. Have nice day,



mad for plaid!

Today I wore a new number, one that I am totally, all around loving. (Yep, Kayla. ^.-)
No pictures for now, but I promise them later, cause I am POOPITY POOPED.

I also went out after school with my friends. Most of them were in and out of the little group, some went wondering off by there selves, some were quiet. We did things like Truth or Dare, Over exaggeration Tag and other things. We had tons of fun, set in that school playground. Bye bya for now!

rub y


photo time - costume

Guess who??

Yep, Uh huh. I'm Margot Tenenbaum for Halloween, which I maybe mentioned once or twice.
The mink coat was my grandma's (From The Bay) and the collared shirt is from the Front. I've been shopping there a lot.
I couldn't find a dress like that, so I got a plaid skirt (From Gymboree) and some white tights (From Value Village) and as well as cute shoes from the Front. I will post them later.

Happy Halloween,




Today I dressed up in my Margot Tenenbaum costume for school. It was such an obscure character and I had to face many "Who the heck are you?"s and "I'm a witch, what are you?"s.

(p.s. I accidentally followed myself, pathetic, I know, and I am kinda clueless of how to undo it, so now I have 10 followers, lucky me.)

Ruby sorry for all the short posts!


so yeah. im ruby

Hello hello. You know what...? I am really odd right now, and in one of those childish hyper moods. Not physically, though. My camera is out of batteries (Sad Face) and I am really bored. I feel really photo-y right now and yeah. I feel photo-y.
At school we're doing this art project where we make a huge collage full of faces from magazines and then somewhere along the way we post one of OUR pictures so it kinda has that Wheres Waldo-y vibe. Here are some examples of famous people's faces we have on there:
-The Queen (Above her head is like a rabid monkey's face)
-Robert Pattinson (With a dogs tongue on his forehead)
-Joe Jonas
-Nick (or Kevin) Jonas
-Lindsay Lohan
-Angelina Jolie
-Brittany Spears
And Lady Gaga

As well as many models who's name is unknown.

(This is a picture of Madonna that was put on the collage found in my mum's Vogue Magazine):



My Perfect Life

Please excuse the title, as it is a Lynda Barry comic book.

Today was photo day at school. I wore the American Apparel bow and the DIY Miu Miu Collar, as well as a black dress from Mexx and red leggings from H&M.
Well. Sorry for this short post. I have socca!


knowing me knowing you uhh huuhh

Getting ready for Halloween. Costume: Margot Tenenbaum.
I went as Emily the Strange one year, Alice and Wonderland, and uh... oh, a chimney-sweep.

Do I miss my long hair? Yes. I do, but I think short hair is better cause its doesn't become a pain in the ask.
I like my red hair, and the blonde I'm sure I won't miss because I have lots left.
I am not the most interesting person right now. I am kind of freaking out because I get to go to a chocolate bar tonight, chyess, a chocolate bar. What are you doing tonight, peeps? Watching reruns of The Office and SNL? I've got the coolest swagger around, not to brag! I feel bad now, I am sorry.




It's the revenge of the Bieber concert tonight, and I don't know, like everyone of my friends will be attending. I am not a fan myself, but the problem is, they get THEIR "heartthrob" to come to their town but for mine to come they would most likely have to rise from the grave. Its not fair, huh.
When you stand on the porch of my house, you can almost here the faint sound of screaming girls of all ages as if they would attract his Bieber's attention, with all those others adolescents, toddlers ( Past the Bobs and Lolo phase ) and in between girls.
I hope they yell almost enough to get the air to swift his hair back into it's original straight ( Not vacuumed ) hair.
But that would make a small difference to my un-liking level.

-yours, ruby


miu miu collars

I have had a recent obsession for Miu Miu collars, but the things are like $200.
( Say, if you just have $200 sitting around, give Ruby a call )
I drew some pictures of Miu Miu items, I can show them later... I have to go to school in ten minutes.
While I was drawing, I had to look on my Ipood Touch of pictures of Miu Miu items. You know?
Some people had posted pictures of their own DIY Miu Miu inspired collars. I had figured out that they're the easiest things
to make, so now i gotta take a trip to Value Village to get the collared shirt.

You know the collars remind me of Dickies. No, not these Dickies -

These Dickies -

But I think of the Miu Miu collars more graceful.


these days

I'm having some fun I guess. I have been put on Grant McCracken's blog-roll,
I am honored, and I would just like to offer my thanks. Blog on, Grant!
Thanks everybody! This has been an exciting week!

I'm really into Miu Miu now, like the collars and the shoes.



'Nuff said.



tank you tank you

I just would love to give a Lawrence Welk thank you to those who commented.
I appreciate it, lots!!

From Booby Rooby

rocky raccoon loved a girl name nancy

Roxy Roller! (My mum doesn't want me to say that word.)
Is it passed Thanksgiving already?
I started this blog almost 6 months ago. Nobody has commented except myself, (Pathetic, I know) and I'm wondering if Leora is reading this. (My friend)
If you are, comment ASAP. Or is everybody who wants to comment just too feeble to say "Hi". Nevermind.

Justin Bieber is taking over my earth. After I got back from Spain all of my friends were like "Join Us! Join Us" and I promised myself I never will. Its not my sort of thing. To bad nobody in my school knows who Nico is!



So. We meet again? You are the famous "New Post" button on my screen, you await and catch me like your my predator. To heck with that, photo time!

This is my favourite picture. One would say it looks but I just like that almost model feeling to it. (Taken by me)

This is me again in a garment that I am most proud of. My striped white and navy sweater from Barcelona, Spain, from a Zara. (Also taken by me)

And this is my mum's favourite. Its not my favourite though. (Taken by me)

All of these were photographed by me. Yesterday was the day I took them. I just developed the passion of taken pictures of me, fashion, objects of just things that amuse me.

Me: Family photo time!


to whom it may concern

Hello Hello.
It's time for the school band practice at school. I play sax. Alto sax. It's fun, but the weight of the thing
kills me and I have to walk to school.


whats the frequency kenneth?

Mwauhhahaaa. I haven't written in a while, but soon you will no why.
Now is soon. Okay, so I have been busy in school and out because I got the H.Ws and the soccer practices and shopping for vintage and playing saxophone and dying my hair red and cutting it short.

I dyed it yesterday and its already fading. Is there something wrong with me?

This is my unicorn 80's pin from a shop on Main Street. I'm thinking on investing in some 60's sun glasses from another shop.
I might as well buy them, but what about my poor Ray-Bans?


Have a nice day.



Just saying hi.



I have tickets to the PNE, and guess what?

JOAN JETT is playing there today, and guess what oily-banged girl gets to see her? ME!!

Is going to go freak out now.

favourite movie

Hint: Wes Anderson.
It's an easy one.



what its all about: nancy and sluggo, zippy pinhead, ghostworld, MAD, B&V, lynda berry, emily the strange, little lit, and tin tin.

Long title,
but nothing to do with what is within. That sounded heartfelt. Nevermind.

ABBA, the greatest picture posers.

I have been in love with this band, since,
a long time ago, like 2, 3, 4, 5, years ago. I have seen Mama Mia! (the play) twice, live, you know, in the theatre, and I have seen the movie, as well. But its not my favourite movie, the play was more desirable, though I fell asleep during both of them, I was young and younglings in my opinion, if tired, don't have the strength to stay awake, even if the songs are exuberant like Dancing Queen and SOS.

Changing topic,

This is me with one of my favourite new outfits, untitled. My hair has been pulled back, as today I am testing out dying my hair red with raspberry Jell-O! I am wearing my mum's (some credit to my mum) redish - orange sweater with flare-type sleeves, and my Ray-Bans, also my blue striped Billabong shorts. The sweater involves my favourite kind of flare sleeves. Aren't they the best. Thank you, Mumma-sita!!
I am wearing my Hello Kitty tights, bare feet.

Sometimes I feel like a monkey when I tell my blog what I'm wearing. It's odd intentionally explaining and going through the outfit I created. I feel like a cheeky monkey!!



P.s. From your cheeky monkey, but not just any monkey.

One of these cheeky monkeys!!

can't tell you (its a secret!!)

My idea has failed, so here is another picture you may like. Just to pass time.

Enjoy 'till next time, ( I promise someething good!)




wouldn't it be nice

I have had a new recent and sudden affection for band, right after Joan Jett, (read post title below for story)
The Beach Boys. They certainly made people dance at the PNE today, before Brian Adams.
(my entitled opinion: not a fan, methinks)
I don't know if anybody is reading. If you are, leave a comment, then I don't have to talk to myself, thinking I'm talking to somebody else, then I look foolish. So even if you happen to stumble on this maybe boring, plain blog, leave a comment.
At least I have my words in space, you know? Leora: COMMENT! I know your reading!! (Leora : my friend)
Randomly may I ask,
What do I write now?
Here. Enjoy some funny pictures of Nancy and Sluggo.

Enjoy another, (im still thinking)

I'm sorry people, I have nothing else!!
Omigosh!! I just got an idea.

I just went to Europe.
Spain, for one week, then another place in Spain, for another, then France.
I had a swell time!!
More swell then just SWELL, and more SWELL then that SWELL, Okay, you get my point, it was just swell.
I will tell you my thing next post.
(sorry to disappoint)


my sudden affection of joan jett after hearing the beginning of Freaks and Geeks

Here we go.

beach boys

I happen to be going to the PNE today,
and happen to be seeing the Beach Boys!!
I am so excited.
I am seeing Joan Jett soon, as well.
This is one of my most exciting weeks, methinks.
Can't wait!!



nancy and sluggo

Again with the names, Comic Book writers?
(Maybe it just has to do with the characters) But still??

Speaking of comics, here is something.


betty and veronica: my synopsis

The B&V.
Nothing takes any pain away from anybody's body, like Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, and The Gang.
Here is my synopsis,
The staring cast of Girls: Betty is the blonde, athletic smarts, and Veronica is the rich, sophisticated, monarch.
Boys: Archie is the man everyone falls for, a clumsy ginger, though, Betty and Veronica seem to fancy him and
do foolish things to get a hold of him. Jughead, what type of name is JugHead? it sounds sort of insulting towards this crowned,
hungry long legged boy.
how much I love them. But lets not forget Reggie, and Midge, and Moose, (I know, sometimes you really have to think about the parents who give these kids the names!) and Cheryl.

Thanks, Zara

Summer is almost over. Cannot believe. Doesn't it feel like forever ago you were just sitting in school, picking your nose,
and drooling a boredom puddle, while head in hands, twitching your nose, just starved?
I don't think I miss that.
This is me, with my version of my twitching nose face, in a handkerchief and my mums blazer. Also a striped navy and white sweater from Zara underneath.
Please don't tell me I look like a flight attendant.
except with the big smile and bun in the back, heavy-duty eyeliner and red lipstick.
I know its graphic, but just need to give you reassurance.