Dreaded Drugs a poem by Ruby Strong


The homeless person walked, sulking in fear, around him were people of leisure. His no friend, no money life was going down the drain so he was going to put his drugs away. He dropped the dreaded drugs in an empty lot that stood there like a tree. A boasting woman walked by and discovered the horrible truth that lay in front of her that made her cry in sadness. She wiped her tears away with her silk handkerchief that she swore she would only use in case of emergencies. A hurried Chinese man with a suitcase kneeled down to examine the terror, leaving all of his rushing mood behind. He walked away (no hurry) with his suitcase, and frowned a stern frown that made him late for work. The homeless man starred at the dreaded drugs, he put his hands on the fence and cried a cry for help. For he wanted more. His crazy cry made people walk away, leaving the man who actually cried for dreaded drugs.  

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