rocky raccoon loved a girl name nancy

Roxy Roller! (My mum doesn't want me to say that word.)
Is it passed Thanksgiving already?
I started this blog almost 6 months ago. Nobody has commented except myself, (Pathetic, I know) and I'm wondering if Leora is reading this. (My friend)
If you are, comment ASAP. Or is everybody who wants to comment just too feeble to say "Hi". Nevermind.

Justin Bieber is taking over my earth. After I got back from Spain all of my friends were like "Join Us! Join Us" and I promised myself I never will. Its not my sort of thing. To bad nobody in my school knows who Nico is!


  1. ruby...yes i'm reading! i really love your blog so please keep blogging.

  2. I'm reading the blog too Ruby! Have no fear, your readers are here.

  3. By the way, what word doesn't your mum want you to say?

  4. Hey Ruby. This is an awesome blog. I didn't know about it before. I love that you mentioned both Lawrence Welk and Justin Bieber! You should make a podcast next! Love, Julia

  5. to leora- thanks for the comments! i just found out how to read them, thank god, now i can finally see who is reading. thanks!
    to john- thanks for reading! my mum doesn't want me to say "crap". parents these days!?
    to julia- amazing to hear from you!! i miss you! i still don't like justin bieber, just in case you didn't know. podcast! good idea.
    love ruby

  6. parents are ridiculous.

    when my nephew Willow was young, like...3, my sister told me she was worried because he had a 'terrible potty mouth' and i asked what he was saying and she said

    "Oh, you know, like Winnie The Crap"
    (instead of Pooh!"

    i think that's hilarious!!
    winnie the crap!

    love you, punkin!

  7. haha! cute! thanks for the comment.

  8. I know, right? Parents! Heh, I'm a parent! I realized after I asked what word your mum doesn't want you to say that I probably shouldn't have asked what word your mum didn't want you to say thereby making you say it!(But thanks for telling me.)

  9. I always make sure my mom isn't near me when I cuss x3

  10. Your lucky you et comments now. :( No one ever comments on my blog. No one but people I told to go to my blog. I'm really sorry I lost all my posts. (ALL) my computer crashed. I has to start over. It is a bit different now, not so much of a blog about me.