whats the frequency kenneth?

Mwauhhahaaa. I haven't written in a while, but soon you will no why.
Now is soon. Okay, so I have been busy in school and out because I got the H.Ws and the soccer practices and shopping for vintage and playing saxophone and dying my hair red and cutting it short.

I dyed it yesterday and its already fading. Is there something wrong with me?

This is my unicorn 80's pin from a shop on Main Street. I'm thinking on investing in some 60's sun glasses from another shop.
I might as well buy them, but what about my poor Ray-Bans?


Have a nice day.


  1. Chyess! One comment. Tank you, Tank you. I'll be sure to look at your blog.

  2. no, theres nothing wrong with you...it depends on what dye you used. Two years ago I used manic panic-purple haze, and it ws out by the next day.