spain/france '10 part 2

Time for part 2! Lets review...
-met a Vancouver Canuck
-met up with other family at Milestones
-had a great flight
-landed in Frankfurt

We landed in Frankfurt around 4:00 (P.M) and recovered ourselves from that nine hour flight.
Frankfurt was - err... not to hot, we didn't even go outside, so I don't really know.
We waited, waited, and soon boarded onto our next three hour flight.
During the next plane ride, I sat in between my mum, sleeping most of the time, and my brother, as we read the sleazy gossip magazine and eating the left over Starbursts, and also drinking Sprites and stuff like that.
I then fell asleep, and when I awoke, there out the window was Barcelona; it stretched from one eye to the other.
We got off the plane. Here's the funny part...
My hair kinda looked like Hannah Montana back then. I hated the fact, but I had a little laugh about it when a little German girl kept pointing her finger at me and tugging her dad's shirt and saying, "Hannah Montana! Hannah Montana!" as we walked down the stairs leading to the first breaths of Spain I would embrace.
The other family we were traveling with met up with us and we noticed how hot it was outside. END OF PART 2, PART 3 COMING UP!!


  1. You didn't look THAT much like Hannah Montana. Well, that's just in my opinion...


  2. I went to France two summers ago with my 30 family members-o coarse theres more now. I laughed at the Hannah Montana thing.