So... How have you been, computer?
Although I am trying to avoid the subject, I am deeply sorry for my lack of concentration with this blog. I'm trying to get back on the horse. Fear no more!

I got braces! Clear ones, sadly, no colour. Here is the begining of the story I am writing:

And so, with a gentle buzz of the bell, students were released.

I ran out onto the field through the back doors. It was a Friday.

My best friend, Peyton, had already gotten to the benches, where she sat and

waited with her bags at her feet on the gravel ground.

Trees and people surrounded the perimeter of the school, letting that rare pleasureful sigh out, as people realized that it was a Friday.

Ah, how I loved Fridays.

I cradled my books in my hand while my bag rested on my shoulder, swinging

with the beat of my foot steps.

Hi, Hunter.” Peyton said.

Haven't I told you not to call me Hunter?” I asked. She looked puzzled.

Dude, it's your name.” She replied, as her blonde hair brushed against her face in the wind.

But it's also a boy's name.” I said. “And I am a girl.”

She got up, and we began walking.

Peyton had dark brown eyes, perfect curved lips shaded a magnificent crimson.

I had dyed red hair, hazel eyes, lips chipped and cracked that bled with every pick I attempted with my teeth. I had an endless print of freckles, that formed a tornado up my cheeks.

I know you are a girl, Hunter.” Peyton spoke, her eyes focused on the sidewalk ahead of her.

No matter what your are, we still are best friends.”

I felt the wind against my face. It pressured my face, freezing it.

It thawed as we continued our walk.

So next next Friday is my birthday party. Can you make it?” Peyton questioned, as her hair got pushed towards her back when her painted red nails threw her strands of black. We had painted our nails each week that month. Mine were painted a bright and cheerful orange. It cheered me up when I saw them tapping my desk during a test.

They were so colourful that they took you away, with that glossy texture, the popping of the colour, the joyfulness of it. I loved colour.

Peyton and I walked down to our favourite restaurant, every Friday, before she went to Chinese School. The restaurant was called, “Berg”. It served burgers, fries, and hotdogs. We would always get fries, and gobble them up before she had to leave.

What would you like today, Hunter and Peyton?” Mag asked. Mag was the restaurant's manager. She was a very good friend of mine, and we had known each other for a long time.

Large fries.” We both said, smiling a big smile. “And two Sprites.”

I was excited to bite into a fry. A hot, sizzling fry, one still warm, that would be bubbling in my gullet. And the Sprite! The liquid that would calm my thirst.





  1. this is awesome rupert!!!!
    xo mum

  2. How are the braces going? I got mine last year.

  3. No offense, but I don't see why EVERY girl main character has freckles and complains about it. >___> Try being a fat ugly asian with acne and see how you like that.