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Hey everyone!
I have a really good friend named Sydney and I just wanna give a shout out to her... She didn't have a very happy School Sports Day Thursday. Sad face. She broke part of her arm. Here's her blog - share the love people. You should really check it out. She is really funny. Happy face!
(Reading a new book from the library called "Audrey, Wait!" - So far so amazing)
I hang out with Kayla today. We went to the library, then another library, then hung out at Oakridge and ate poutine. Yum. (By the way, check out her blog as well, though she hasn't written for a while she has a great blog)
I'm really into those poppy songs preteens my age nowadays like... Sorry, oldies.
Infact, I am listening to 'Born this Way' right now. Don't judge me for listening to Lady Gaga peoples, (though I don't know why listening to LG would be weird) I was positively born this way. Sorry. I'm just really. Really. Into the music. The only reason I have the song on my Ipod is because well, frankly, I really love the song after a few months of just 'embracing it' cause I really didn't enjoy it, and plus, I just watched Lady Gaga in an interview on TV. (WARNING: Interview contains a nipslip incident with her leather bra she was wearing, don't worry, pixels censored it all)
Well, I am still just my old self - Ruby that is. Ruby Karelia!

Now I'm listening to Metric - Gimme Sympathy. I'm not just listening to it because it says 'The Beatles'. I really actually adore this song.

I've now vanished.



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  1. Hi! I just saw your comment on Tavi's blog...
    You have a wonderful blog!
    How sad:( i broke my elbow roller skating in the grade:/

    xx sashafiercee