i ♡ sweaters & fally-y stuff

All images found on Google Images because I'm to lazy to take pictures and what better way to express my love for a nice big coat then a picture of Margot Tenenbaum

I've been obsessed with Navajo designs and those colourful blankets I think are from
Urban Outfitters. ^^ The design before that I found on the COMME des GARCONS site in the slide show on the home page here.
The Pink Ladies are there cause it's fall in that scene like it is now, well, it's beginning to show signs of winter in our 'hood. Yesterday I went to soccer practice and I SWEAR it was wet flurrying. No joke. Anyways, The Pink Ladies (I don't know how they can pass for 18) are cool and deserve a special mention.

This photo was found on Rookie, a site for teenage girls.

That's what I'm talking about, yo'.

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