part 2

Everything has changed. My whole life has turned around, and yours probably will too, you know why? Because I decided to ditch the three part DIY that would probably be finished in June and amaze you readers with something else rich with Karelia brilliance.

Brilliance, you say...

I'm sorry if you got your hopes up on the whole 3-part-DIY extravagance.
It's just, well, (brace yourself for excuses) I am really busy these days! And I stare at the computer awkwardly, thinking, "I better do that DIY post!" but then the interest disappeared in my idea. You probably wouldn't have even enjoyed my second DIY. I thought up all three in five minutes.
I feel really terrible unloading all of this to you now, but I have a make-up gift! You didn't think I would leave you with nothing, did you?

Me and Dayzee decided to do an interview together! To be specific, her asking me the questions, since I am sooooo interested.
I'm the bestest girl ever, aren't I?
So if you would like to read this magnificent post, I strongly suggest you check out Dayzee's amazing, well-written blog by clicking the link above. I am such a fan of her use of creativity, style, and writing and I am so delighted that we have gotten to work together.
Since this is my 99th post, I would like to dedicate it to the little cat always pawing the window in the basement of the house next door. It looks like he's dancing and he makes me happy that the world has dancing cats out there.
The weather has been positively dreadful but I still enjoy it. The gloominess in the rain brings out the one thing in my life that will always be by my side, through thick and through the thinnest of times, no, not dancing cats.
That is indeed naps.

Oh, and Hel Looks.

It's been a while!


  1. Is it Miss Missy Bobobson the third?

  2. Interview was cool. c: You are a superstar baybeee.