Thanks, Zara

Summer is almost over. Cannot believe. Doesn't it feel like forever ago you were just sitting in school, picking your nose,
and drooling a boredom puddle, while head in hands, twitching your nose, just starved?
I don't think I miss that.
This is me, with my version of my twitching nose face, in a handkerchief and my mums blazer. Also a striped navy and white sweater from Zara underneath.
Please don't tell me I look like a flight attendant.
except with the big smile and bun in the back, heavy-duty eyeliner and red lipstick.
I know its graphic, but just need to give you reassurance.

1 comment:

  1. n-n-no, yy-you dont look like a-a-a flight attendant at a--aa-all