wouldn't it be nice

I have had a new recent and sudden affection for band, right after Joan Jett, (read post title below for story)
The Beach Boys. They certainly made people dance at the PNE today, before Brian Adams.
(my entitled opinion: not a fan, methinks)
I don't know if anybody is reading. If you are, leave a comment, then I don't have to talk to myself, thinking I'm talking to somebody else, then I look foolish. So even if you happen to stumble on this maybe boring, plain blog, leave a comment.
At least I have my words in space, you know? Leora: COMMENT! I know your reading!! (Leora : my friend)
Randomly may I ask,
What do I write now?
Here. Enjoy some funny pictures of Nancy and Sluggo.

Enjoy another, (im still thinking)

I'm sorry people, I have nothing else!!
Omigosh!! I just got an idea.

I just went to Europe.
Spain, for one week, then another place in Spain, for another, then France.
I had a swell time!!
More swell then just SWELL, and more SWELL then that SWELL, Okay, you get my point, it was just swell.
I will tell you my thing next post.
(sorry to disappoint)


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