knowing me knowing you uhh huuhh

Getting ready for Halloween. Costume: Margot Tenenbaum.
I went as Emily the Strange one year, Alice and Wonderland, and uh... oh, a chimney-sweep.

Do I miss my long hair? Yes. I do, but I think short hair is better cause its doesn't become a pain in the ask.
I like my red hair, and the blonde I'm sure I won't miss because I have lots left.
I am not the most interesting person right now. I am kind of freaking out because I get to go to a chocolate bar tonight, chyess, a chocolate bar. What are you doing tonight, peeps? Watching reruns of The Office and SNL? I've got the coolest swagger around, not to brag! I feel bad now, I am sorry.



  1. ruby...i remember all your hallowe'en personas...from goth to fairytale. i think your hair now is perfect for going as margot tennenbaum. make sure you have the right barrette! when i saw the movie when it came out with christa she noticed that as margot got older the only thing that changed about her look was the size of the barrette..(it got bigger as she got older) so perhaps bear that in mind when you put your costume together.

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