miu miu collars

I have had a recent obsession for Miu Miu collars, but the things are like $200.
( Say, if you just have $200 sitting around, give Ruby a call )
I drew some pictures of Miu Miu items, I can show them later... I have to go to school in ten minutes.
While I was drawing, I had to look on my Ipood Touch of pictures of Miu Miu items. You know?
Some people had posted pictures of their own DIY Miu Miu inspired collars. I had figured out that they're the easiest things
to make, so now i gotta take a trip to Value Village to get the collared shirt.

You know the collars remind me of Dickies. No, not these Dickies -

These Dickies -

But I think of the Miu Miu collars more graceful.


  1. let's make some collars!

    ps i had a kind of dickie-like shirt when i was your age.

  2. Collars? Ooh, cool :) Post some piccies~!