crazy beach partay

A week ago, I went to PlayLand, an amusment park in VanCan with some friends. And my brother. A couple weeks before that, I went with Ruth, my nonline friend (if you don't count Facebook). So much fun. The latest time we went to PlayLand, we went on a handful of rides.
Crazy Beach Party - or Crazy Female Dog Party
and The Hellevator, this big tall structure that sends you shooting up real fast.
The Enterprise, this ferris wheel type of thing where in a pod, you spin in a circle very fast that you transition into - well - more upside-down.
I could go on, boring you, and boring me, but fortunately I love all of you, and me, so I have decided not to torture you.

So summer has been treating me okay. I guess. I miss a lot of my friends.
I also miss my old teacher a lot. And he left our school. And he told us he was leaving on the last day. I teared up. So did other kids. And it really got to us when he was all like,
"If you ever, ever need me, you know my number and I will be there for you. I'll always be with you."
I remember once, after Spring Break's trip to Las Vegas, I caught my brothers soar throat on the night before school. I went to school anyways, longing to see my friends, fighting through the pain that occurred when I swallowed. After about an hour in class, I couldn't take it and called home.
I sat in my desk waiting for my dad to pick me up, and then Mr. Bye-Bye (That's what I shall call him) told me that while I'm sick (which was the whole week) I should get some popsicles and watch "Shakespeare in Love". I got the snack, but I failed to watch the movie... until about three weeks ago. I loved it.

I also will miss my other teacher.
The past year I got to take part in a special class where we made videos.
Our final project was amazing. It was a stop-motion-animation video with a big moral. I'm not going to give it away though. If it ever gets on YouTube, I'll show it to you.

Was that too heartfelt?

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  1. yes, a heartfelt story...but not too heartfelt. i think i know the teacher you're talking about. hint: space shuttle? i didn't realize that you didn't find out until the last day of school. he sounds like he was a real inspiration to you and i bet you will remember him for a long, long time. hope you're having a great summer...sounds like a whole lotta playland shakin' goin' on.