i haven't seen you since last year

I spent New Years Eve at Colette's with her, Max, Johnny, and my brother Liam.
Mostly we partied in her garage with bright red lights and a disco ball and loud music,
(Vampire Weekend all the way around to Rebecca Black)
but then we got bored at walked down Main Street. Johnny bought a broom at the dollar store
and we had lollipops. I took all of these photos.

Left to right: Max, Johnny, Liam, Colette.

Oh - we also played with a mannequin head all night, too.

Tons of things happened:
I got really into photography.
I got my first Docs. (!)
I went to Vegas baby.
I played A LOT of Call of Duty and slayed zombies.
I posted on this blog.
One of my favourite teachers left. (sad)
My friend got me into Pretty Little Liars because it's addddddicting.
Theres more.

Happy New Years friends. And remember:
Eat a lot of cake!

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  1. Vampire Weekend. <3 Your new year's sounded groovy. o;