yours is a funeral i'de fly to from anywhere

Hey. New year, new style.

Tomorrow is my birthday. (HOLY OMG ITS A GIRL'S BIRTHDAY AND) Yeah. I'm turning 12.
Finally. I've been spreading the news around - queue the gossip spreading montage - and everybody has been going, "really?" or "dude i thought you was 12 like a million years ago"
Hey you, yeah you. Guess what? It's snowing in Van Can. WWWWHAT you say? Yes. I mean it.
It didn't snow all Winter Break (bummer) and then now, it's like the weather people are making it snow on my birthday! Yay! (See, this is the moment where you picture me in your head jumping and then pausing it in mid air with my hand making a fist pump)

Have you seen the new Wes Anderson movie trailer? Of course you have! It looks amazing!
If you haven't (then your probably a smoozer) let me summarize it.
There is a cute little boy in it who wears a raccoon tail hat. And he's in camp. There is cool French music. There is a beautiful girl in it who wears the most raddest pink collared dress.
It's so positively Wes Anderson.

So go Youtube it.

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